Serving the Community since 1957

Unique in our mission and connections, we have served the South Bay community and Downtown L.A.’s Orthopaedic Institute for Children (OIC) for over 60 years. We volunteer at kids’ camps, schools, OIC, its clinic in Calexico and much more. We produce the Evergreen Ball and Fashion Show to celebrate our Senior families and fundraise for OIC.

Discover a unique Mother-Daughter experience that develops meaningful connections.

Now Recruiting for 7th-10th Grade Classes for Las Niñas & Las Madrecitas

Ongoing Recruitment

Recruitment goes on throughout the year. Please contact us! We are always here to answer your questions or meet for a quick chat so that you can learn more about our unique Mother-Daughter experience. Our enrollment period is in the Spring, but we invite prospective Las Ninas and Las Madrecitas to attend our events throughout the year, so that you may get to know us and we may get to know you. We have frequent speakers from OIC and fun social events, which will help you determine whether you’d like to apply for membership.

Las Niñas Requirements

By the time our Senior Las Niñas graduate, they have completed a minimum total of 50 hospital hours and 100 community service hours. Many Las Niñas are awarded the Silver Heart Award, which honors 200 additional hours of community service – totaling 350 volunteer hours.

We have expanded the role of our 6th, 7th and 8th grade Las Niñas so they are able to start volunteering right away. While we require some parent chaperoning for 6th-8th graders we are very excited that our new Las Niñas will be able to participate right away!

Las Madrecitas Requirements

Ask any of the women in Las Madrecitas, and she will say, “Las Mads” will provide time for you and your High School daughter to be together in a meaningful way. Even dads express their appreciation. Senior year they spend hours waltzing with their daughters, to prepare for Evergreen Ball’s grand finale: the Father-Daughter Waltz. We strike a fun balance. Our members are kind and dedicated women who share a sincere desire to create a positive, caring environment. Volunteerism, philanthropy, and the magic of OIC deepen the bonds between us and our daughters, and one another.